Rehoused Ege Manuscripts for Upcoming Lecture at Kent State

On Thursday, April 24, Anthony G. Edwards will deliver a lecture entitled “The Creation of Manuscript Fragments: The Life and Works of Otto Ege.” I prepared Kent State’s Ege manuscripts for display at this event.

kent 31v

“The Creation of Manuscript Fragments: The Life and Works of Otto Ege”
A Lecture by Anthony G. Edwards

Thursday, April 24 at 5:00 pm
Read Special Collections Classroom
10th floor, Kent State University Library
Sponsored by Library and Media Services, the Department of English, and the Institute for Bibliography and Editing.

Otto F. Ege (1888 – 1951) was a faculty member of the Cleveland Institute of Art, a private book and manuscript collector, and a self-admitted biblioclast. Ege would purchase folios or bound books, cut out leaves, and then sell and distribute them. To librarians and archivists, this is considered unethical because an artifact is destroyed and context is lost; Ege argued that his book-tearing and resulting “samples” acheived important pedagogical ends.

Kent State holds three Ege collections, totaling more than 120 individual leaves:
1. Fifty original leaves from medieval manuscripts, Western Europe, XII-XVI century (view online)
2. Original leaves from famous Bibles : nine centuries 1121-1935 A.D.
3. Original leaves from famous books; eight centuries, 1240 A.D. – 1923 A.D.

In preparation for this event, I carefully removed Kent’s Ege manuscripts from their acidic mats, encapsulated each in Mylar, and ordered a new phasebox for storage (as the original would be too small for the newly-encapsulated leaves).

At the lecture, I will display the leaves on tables and assist attendees in hands-on exploration of the manuscripts.

Image: Fifty Original Leaves from Medieval Manuscripts, compiled by Otto F. Ege, Kent State University, Leaf 31 verso

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