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From 2009 – 2011, I was the Outreach Librarian for the UVM Libraries’ Center for Digital Initiatives. The CDI is a digital library of unique research collections which sought to establish an “open, collaborative environment” beyond its home in Special Collections. I was chair of the CDI Collection Development Committee and was responsible for CDI project management, design, outreach, publicity, and assessment.

I also taught in the ALANA US Ethnic Studies department, worked on general reference desk shifts, and served on the university’s Academic Integrity Council.

Chapter: Teaching Cultural Memory
This case study on using and producing digitized archival material in an online course at UVM was originally published in Past or Portal? Enhancing Undergraduate Learning through Special Collections and Archives. Eleanor Mitchell, Peggy Seiden, and Suzy Taraba, Editors. Chicago, IL: Association of College & Research Libraries, 2012.
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Increased Use of the CDI
The UVM Libraries’ Center for Digital Initiatives was better used during the time that I served as the Digital Initiatives Outreach Librarian, from July 2009 – February 2011. During this time, we more than doubled the number of digital collections on the site, I actively promoted the CDI in general, and I developed publicity campaigns […]
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Poster: Survey as Outreach
I presented this poster at the 2010 Library Assessment Conference in Baltimore, MD. It explains a series of surveys conducted to assess the success of CDI publicity and outreach efforts. Interestingly, the surveys themselves introduced new users to CDI resources and services.
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Lecture: Understanding Kake Walk through Primary Sources
I gave this talk in September 2010 as part of a public event at UVM to launch the Kake Walk at UVM digital collection. I told a history of Kake Walk as told through items from the archives, and I promoted the new online resource.
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Case Study Paper: Collaborative Digitization
I presented this short paper at the 2010 RBMS Preconference "Join or Die: Collaboration in Special Collections." The CDI envisions a community where target audiences participate as users and creators in an open, collaborative environment. In this presentation, I shared our strategies for reaching this goal and how we will define success.
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CDI Bookmark
I designed this bookmark for the Center for Digital Initiatives using Adobe Illustrator CS4. It is 2 x 8, single-sided, and gloss coated. We went through 2,500 in 9 months and just ordered 5,000 more.
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“Curating Kake Walk” Assignments
Read more about the class structure and assignments for ALAN 095 OL1 Curating Kake Walk: Race, Memory, and Representation. I am co-teaching this three-credit course this summer.
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Taught “Curating Kake Walk” course at The University of Vermont
This summer, I am co-teaching a course about Kake Walk, a blackface minstrel tradition at UVM which lasted until 1969. Students will use primary sources and secondary readings to learn about Kake Walk's history + to explore issues of race, representation and cultural memory. They will then contribute to a collection of digitized archival material.
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“Curating Kake Walk” Reading List
View the reading list we created for ALAN 095 OL1 Curating Kake Walk: Race, Memory, and Representation. I am co-teaching this three-credit course this summer.
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CDI Banner on Its Way
I do a lot of tabling for the Center for Digital Initiatives. Recently, I noticed we'd really benefit from a large, easy-to-read professional banner.
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Academic Integrity Workshop
I helped design and facilitate an educational workshop for UVM students alleged with violating the Code of Academic Integrity. Objectives for participants included understanding academic integrity standards, reflecting on their hearing experience, recognizing the importance of academic integrity, and building strategies for future success.
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CDI Public Service Announcement
Watch for the Center for Digital Initiatives' PSA on RETN. I created this video to highlight the types of materials in our collections, to share our URL with the Vermont public, and to emphasize one of the best aspects of the CDI: "Anyone can use it, from anywere, for free!" Home Page Slideshow: / CC BY 2.0
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