Attendees Praise Kelmscott Events

On April 2, 2009, I led the first-ever sold-out “Collection in Focus” event at the Cleveland Museum of Art’s Ingalls Library. I created an exhibit-like display for a portion of the collection, presented a lecture on William Morris and his Press, and led a hands-on, interactive exploration of the Press’ techniques.

Here are excerpts from the participant evaluations:

“Excellent program. The librarian provided interesting background information. Very well researched. Her enthusiasm was apparent and made it all the better. It was great to be able to see and look through these rare books.”

“This was my first experience with a talk at the Ingalls Library. As a novice the information was concise and well organized. I came away feeling I learned much + look forward to future programs.”

“Want to find out more. Excellent program. Love learning about fonts.”

“Well presented and research – enjoyed the entire class.”

“An excellent lecture by a poised & knowledgeable presenter”

“Good presentation – thanks”

“The presentation was quite complete and informative. The Kelmscott books were a pleasure to hold and experience”

“Great program – great to leaf through the real thing.”

“An excellent program and presentation. Really enjoyed being able to handle the books. Enjoyed it very much.”

I also customized the “Collection in Focus” event to create an evening exclusively for members of Art Books Cleveland. This event was held the evening before, on April 1, 2009. ABC members include book artists, librarians, and printers.

Here are excerpts from the participant evaluations:

“Wonderful program! Excellent preparation and presentation and the opportunity to see and feel the Kelmscott books was a rare and moving experience. Thank you so much.”

“THANK YOU!!! This was such a generous program for ABC group. I enjoyed the storytelling quality and the hands-on.”

“Fabulous! Very, very well presented. And what a thrill to be able to spend so much time (and be able to handle) the Kelmscott books!”

“Wonderful program – great to get the history and also be able to handle the books!”

“The 4-1-09 presentation about the Kelmscott Press Collection was informative, easy to listen to and encouraged me to read more on the topic.”

“Wonderful, Robin! Thank you so much for your informative presentation. This was a fantastic opportunity to view this collection – I am most appreciative for both myself and for the members of Art Books Cleveland.”

“Very articulate and well prepared presentation by an excellent speaker!”

“Excellent research + presentation!”

“Excellent presentation – it was a real treat to be able to actually see and touch the Kelmscott press books”

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